Restuarant sign hand carved in beech
Oak and gold leaf Centenary Panel
Nativity set in yew
Hand carved walnut panel
Carved oak portrait
Carved oak front porchway
Carved Oak font cover
Oak Waymarker
Sculpture of St Edmund carved in yew
Detail of sculpture of St Edmund carved in yew
Textual memorial carved in oak
Walnut Tulip panel
Abbotsley village sign
Inscription on summer house
Carved oak beam over fireplace

I always think of commissions as my surrogate children as they are very much a joint venture between the client and myself. I want the client to have some general idea of the style of carving they prefer and even some purpose and location for it. In the case of the two carved beams both had a practical reason for their existence and this was an excellent starting point. Please click on the image to view the complete project. Click here for more designs.