Join established groups (four is the maximum) working in a well-equipped studio or outside under a gazebo using custom-built workbenches at the bottom of my garden in Walsham Le Willows in Suffolk.

I teach every Tuesday and Friday from 10 – 12 midday, 12.15 – 2.15 and from 2.30 – 4.30

Fees: Workshops cost £20.00 per session with five payable in advance at a cost of £100. For those who come alternate weeks a session costs £22.20 with five payable in advance at a cost of £112.50.

Beginners always welcome but please bring your own flask and snack.

Subjects include: ornament, mouldings, figure carving, letter carving, sculpture, drawing and design.

Exterior of the workshopThe workshop

Initial projects are:

Project one: a simple acanthus leaf.

Project two: a chip-carving sampler.

Project three: a Georgian-style acanthus leaf.

Project four: a green man or African mask.

Beginners always welcome and please bring your own mug.

You are very welcome to come along and view a class first to see if you like the look of us and the look of woodcarving. Please email me on to introduce yourself.

Indemnity Insurance via Ashburnham Insurance, Mary Anstee-Parry is covered for: Public Liability Insurance: £5,000,000.

Below are a selection of photos of my student, working on their carvings whilst attending a course.